setting up a wireless home network

hi ive got 2 laptops on a wireless network in my home.

can someone give me some quick tips to allow me to be able to share files that i store on one computer.

i have got xp home edition.
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djmounce553Connect With a Mentor Commented:
First, run the 'setup home or small office network' wizard, in your network places folder on both machines. You don't need a floppy even though it asks for one. After that, you can just drop what files you need into your 'Shared Folder' that can be seen on both computers. If you want to share a specific folder without moving it into the shared folder, just right-click it, hit sharing and security, click share this folder, then give it whatever name you want. If you want to give that person extra control (like the ability to delete files, etc), then you'll find that in the 'Permissions' button. To navigate to whatever folder that you've shared, say my Program Files for example, I would do \\LPTDJ\C$\Program Files\ . Keep in mind you need $ for drives, instead of colons.
The name after the \\ is your computer name which you can find from Control Panel->System->Computer Name tab->Change button, name listed here is your computer name, should be in all caps.
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