XSD.EXE /CLASSES does not give LoadFromXml and WriteToXml methods...

I am using C# 1.1. I have an XSD that I want to use to maintain XML files. I tried generating the DataSet out of this XSD to do this, but the DataSet was too confusing with all the tables and columns. So I ended up creating classes for this schema using:

xsd.exe /c /n:<my namespace> File.xsd

The class came out the way I want to, but this class does not have LoadXml or WriteXml type methods. Without these methods, it would be tough for me to handle the XML. Shouldn't the generated class already contain these methods? How do I get these methods?
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gregoryyoungConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You just use the XML serializer on the document and it generates the classes... The opposite is you take the classes and use the XML serializer and it generates a document.
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