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Softphone Recording

Does anyone know a low-cost softphone that can make calls to landlines (preferrably something that's free for 800 calls, but not a requirement; I think net2phone offered this at one point YEARS ago).  

The catch is, I need recording capability.  Recently I had to call HP and three different calls resulted in 3 different explanations.  So when making my forth call (and for that matter, future calls), I want documented evidence of the "mixed messages" given me - or at the very list, instructions I can play back so that I don't have to call again.

Any suggestions (and I know I an go buy hardware and attach it to a regular phone, but that's not what I'm looking to do.

Lee W, MVP
Lee W, MVP
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Skype Out is probably one of the lowest cost services that allow you to make calls to regular phones.  I do not believe Skype has a built in call recording option to date.  You can tinker around with the mixer to use a regular windows audio recording program but this can be a real pain.


Some softphones, even free ones have got call recording built in BUT you would need a voip account to make any calls.

Here's a decent freeware softphone,  just press the record button and it spits out a wav file.


Combined with a pay-as-you-go voip package,  for example,


To be honest though I think just getting a overpriced switching cord for Radio Shack/the Source or whatever is easier.  Just jack it into your mic port and record with any audio software.

Oh and a word of warning,  check the call recording laws as a number of states and some countries do require both parties to be aware of the recording.  Might not be a good thing to come up if you are having a dispute with a company.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorAuthor Commented:
I am aware of the call recording laws in my state, so I'm not concerned about that... If it's not admissible in court, I'm not worried - this is mostly for my reference.

I'll check those links you suggested.  I looked at Skype and it definitely wasn't quick and straight forward.  I have a Suction cup solution for SOME phones, but it doesn't seem to work with my Cell phone and my cell phone can't record the call (in addition, I'm starting to write articles, so for "quoting" purposes, being able to record a call from anywhere would be ideal.  (I thought Vonage had a softphone, but it appears the closest they have is a USB Device).
Heh,  just wanted to warn you as HP is likely a bit sensitive about bugs and wiretaps these days.  ;)

Vonage does have a softphone,  it works with USB phones but also with soundcards but its has a monthly fee,


I don't think that thier phone does recording though, so possibly the same problems as recording Skype.  I think the xlite phone works with Vonage.

Another option is 3rd party recording companies.  I would not consider it  inexpensive though.  It is useful for mobile use where you don't have anything to record with handy.


This might work with your cell if it has a headset jack.  Not tried one myself,  I thought if you jack in it cuts off the handset mic/speaker which would seem to make this useless,  maybe not though.  I'm not a fan of the suction cup units,  I prefer to tap on the line direct.

Look at an Altigen phone system if you are using this for a small business and if you are looking for the residential as opposed to commercial then I would see look in to
  http://www.esi-estech.com/products/systems/VIP/Softphone/ or just do an overall google search and check out the prices of all of the vendors.  In Google just type:  Softphones and recording capabilities.

Hope this helps
I've been using X-Lite (the softphone kode99 mentioned, http://www.counterpath.com/index.php?menu=Products&smenu=xlite) for quite some time now combined with a simple voip account. It's definitely the best free softphone around.
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