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Need a query to read current "min_server_memory" and then set it to "min_server_memory+1"
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ksaulConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Never actualy done this but you can read the value from sys.configurations
select value_in_use
from sys.configurations
where name = 'min server memory (MB)'

You should not update system tables directly - use sp_configure.  So something like this might work:

declare @minservmem sql_variant,
      @minservmemint int

select @minservmem = value_in_use
from sys.configurations
where name = 'min server memory (MB)'

set @minservmemint = convert(int, @minservmem) + 1

exec sp_configure 'min server memory (MB)', @minservmemint


if this value is in a table and you know its name and have permissions, you could do the query like this, o

Update whatevertable SET min_server_memory=min_server_memory+1

However this would need a where clause, if min_server_memory is the primarykey of a table and in such case, I'd assume the value would be a field and you'd want to do something like:

update whatevertable SET value=value=1 where keyfield="min_server_memory"

I don't have SQL 2005 on this machine, so I couldn't find the table having this value to see how it is i setup. This is the basic way to do it.
ourguruAuthor Commented:
This is a Server Setting updated with sp_configure, I don't know that these values are stored in a table...
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