Drive partition options windows 2003r2

Hard disk partition help

I have a test server with the following drives

C: 300gb - with windows 2003r2 installed
and then
- 750gb hd
- 400gb hd
- 750gb hd
- 500gb hd
- 500gb hd
- 300gb hd
- 300gb hd

I have the c drive as basic
I am trying to work out the pros and cons of Dynamic Disk and GPT Disk over basic the server is a test rig for a data store of documents.

They are all connected via 8 port sata card
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Scott AndersonConnect With a Mentor Principal Support EngineerCommented:
I wouldn't recommend going Dynamic Disk at all.  I seen nothing but problems with DD on MS systems, especially with recovering volumes when they take a burp - there's an extra layer of complexity on Dynamic Disks that could cause the drives to not be recoverable.

GPT is only available on a Disk-by-disk basis and is oriented toward _very_ large volumes (greater than 2TB).  In your situation, you can do it, but probably won't give you much gain.
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