Dlink print server not working

I have a D-Link Print server, and I have 3 printer a Hp 1100A and Epson dot matrix and I have USB
HP LaserJet 3330.

Netwok I have a windows 2003 Server enterpise with 6 clients and I seem to loss connection to the printer server, I just tells me that Printers Status Opening and then it changes to not avalable?

It use to be on a NT server and I was told that it was always working

Thank you for your help
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hdhondtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Does the D-Link have a suitable IP address? Can you ping it from the server?
arkopoloAuthor Commented:
I does have an ip assigned to it.. and yes I can ping it from the server.   Could it that a client losses connection to the server some how and then it losses connections to shares/printers
arkopoloAuthor Commented:
I can even ping when the printer status is Openning...
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Is that a static address, or one assigned by DHCP? And does the TCP/IP port on the server point to that address?
arkopoloAuthor Commented:
It's static but I but I guess everything else is dynamic.. I will look into that.
the printer is connected over the TCP/IP and I have installed the printer of the server to the clients
arkopoloAuthor Commented:
This is what I have done since it was on print server I had to us the add a printer as a local printer, created the TCP/IP port then in the port configuration I had to set the RAW which is default but their is a port number and 9100 was our dotmetrix printer 9101 is our hp Laser jet 1100a and 9102 is our Hp laser jet 3330 so now it works...
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