How to restore Administrative Tools on Windows 2003 R2 Server

I uninstalled the Active Directory on Windows 2003 R2 Server Standard Edition and found out that I lost the Administrative Tools contents.

How can I restore or install back the ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS without having a negative effect on the server? in particular I need to gain management console for Terminal Server Licensing and I can't find it using the MMC.
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The_KirschiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The admin tools can be installed from the Windows Server CD. In the i386 folder there is a file called adminpak.msi. Just run this and your admin tools should reappear.
you can download from this location 
if you use 32 bit ed or from this location 
if you use 64 bit ed
but you can also search on your Windows CD
This instrall do not affect your server functionality, but without the tools you cannot administer the server.

czarbaporaAuthor Commented:
Which one from the list below should I install?
- fsrmgmt.exe
- idmu.exe
- pmcmgmt.exe
- windowsxp-mmc30-kb907265-x86.exe
thanks for the quick response.
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