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0x8004010F Error - How to recreate and reassociate OAB

We have done a recent migration for a clientfrom Ex2003 to Ex2003 (SBS) and we are getting the 0x8004010F errors. I have looked at a majority of the solutions on this forum and have been unable to resolve. I think one of the major issues here is that when I am in ESM and go to Admin Groups>First Admin>Folders>View system folders>Offline address book folder
I am not seeing the OABv2, 3 or 4 referenced. Also when I click on the root of the offline folders folder and go to status I am not seeing a server listed. Many of the posts here have mentioned that if the replica sets do NOT  all contain the server name you are going to have these issues. I think that what I really need help with is the steps involved in recreating the Offline Adreess Book and associating it with the new server and info store. Sembee?? You seem to be the man on this one!!
Thanks Gents!
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Did you not follow the correct procedure for migrating from one server to another? I am wondering what else you are missing. Did you replicate any of the system folders, not just the OAB?

TTITAuthor Commented:
Thanks for getting back to me and being so tactful as to not outright call me an idiot... We actually moved from an existing Exchange 2003 installation in the same domain to a Clean SBS installation that we had done a swing migration to. Cleaned up AD and things were running fine. The issue was that the original organization name was ClientName_Exchange. SBS does not want to have any organization name with an underscore in it so we could not forklift Exchange as we have done many times in the past. The only thing we moved were the mailboxes and associated message info (Rules etc) via Exmerge. Did not see any thing about moving Pub folders via exmerge. Some of these client mailboxes were in the 8 and 10 gig range so it took some serious gyrating to even get Exmerge to do it's thing. I had done a rebuild (based on your instruction in an earlier post) on the Default Offline Address book around 2pm today and then restarted the info store and could then see the following system folders under the first org:
    /o=MGS/cn=addrlists/cn=oabs/cn=Default Offline Address List
    EX:/o=MGS/ou=first administrative group

But did not see anything else as far as replica sets. Just looked in there now to get the path to display for you and now when I expand  /o=MGS/cn=addrlists/cn=oabs/cn=Default Offline Address List
I am seeing OAB vesrsion 2
                   OAB Version 3a
                   OAB Version 4
all with the correct server reference under the status tab. So on an information store with only 30 some odd accts it took it 6 hours to rebuild and display the Correct OAB replica sets??!! (hope I am using the right terminlogy there) Just connected to an outlook mailbox that I had set up to test and was able to now go to Send Receive>download address book with no problems. Enabled offline caching and no 0x8004010F Error. Should I give TIME the 500 points?? No errors 93xx or otherwise in the event log. The performance is head and shoulders above where it was under the old installation and hardware and no wierdness that would suggest instability. So the integrity of my Exchange installation is good?? What do ya think?
If you had a built a new Exchange org, then you didn't really do a swing migration. A swing migration involves the existing data.
It does take time for Exchange to do its thing with many parts of the configuration, although excessive time is unusual on SBS sites.

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