Disable Windows defrag utility

I am running several  Windows XP SP2 PCs on a Windows 2003 Server domain and I am having problems with an ecryption program (safeboot). If the system is defagmented it will destroy the ecryption and all data. is there any way to disable the  Windows defragment utility through group policy?
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You could deny access to C:\WINDOWS\system32\dfrgsnap.dll
Add Everyone, Deny Read & Execute.

If its only a few machines, probably easier to do it manually.

If you still want to use GPO, this link should help to do the above:
Stephen MandersonSoftware EngineerCommented:
You could disable the running of the following program via GPO, cant remember off the top of my head but you can disable access to the running of set programs.

Windows Defrag Utility

jackflexAuthor Commented:
using GPEDIT I went to .....
User Config\Admin templates\ System\ Don't run specified Windows applications
I added dfrg.msc and dfrgntfs.exe but they still run. I double checked RSOP.msc to see if they were applied, and they were. Any other ideas?????
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Stephen MandersonSoftware EngineerCommented:
Im sure there is another option in which you can disable programs from running.

Also the defrag utility is a snap in

and can be run also via adding the snapin to mmc.

You need to add entry for exe file not its dll.

you will have to add this at the place shown in the image at this link.

though this image is for a local system policy...but its available under domain policy.

see in the image, I too have added some programs.
Have you tried to just delete the dfrg.msc file?
deleting the msc file won't help

msc is just an mmc file...its the exe file and the dll responsible  for the crap.
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