domino database issue

RSIIQM.nsf when trying to edit/save, it is saying DB Corrupt - Cannot
Allocate Space on the R & SII Queries Management database

Have tried the LOAD FIXUP command and the following files were listed as
corrupt and marked as readonly:

*      Names.nsf
*      Log.nsf
*      Statrep.nsf
*      QMISQuals.nsf
*      QMS_QA.nsf
*      RSIIQM.nsf <----- This is the one that the original call was logged for

Pls.   help me
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If this is on a server, that it could be quite serious, especially if the names.nsf , and log.nsf are set to readonly.

1) Check the server hardware, drives, RAM etc.

2) Reboot the server and check the console for errors.
If the Log.nsf is still set for read only, then rename it to log.old and reboot, a new one will be created.

3) Regarding the database, try to create a new replica or a new copy on your local machine.

If this does not work, try a compact with copy option.

I hope this helps !
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
A similar question, with lots of suggestions:
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
It is often reported that a reboot solves this problem. What release is your Domino server?

More links:
You are probably hosed.
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