problem publish intranet

how can i publish-work an intranet ..

i develop and c#  web application run good with vs2005 ...also i probe run the application from my own machine .....refer in twomanners



and run good....i have iis good and the site and i publish my applicaction almost all is good

but when i try to access the site from othr machine i can't access
the system simply tell me the page can't show

what action can i do?

i have conectivity good from my machine to the web machine with iis
i test ping it good
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control panel > Administrative Tools> Internet Information Services

Is located the program responsible for the IIS server. Check to see if you web page is in there as the default page. If it is not then this may be because the service is not running. To start the service select the computer in the left panel then select action and start

Ryan Upton
MBA (adv)

Also check to see if your page is call index.html. Sometimes naming it Login.aspx doesn't work as the default is set the index.html.
Firewall ?
Try to telnet your web server on port 80
Can you access the default IIS page, if you haven't removed that.
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