Mark all Outlook messages as Confidential - How to turn it off.

In Outlook 2003 SP2 I've, somehow, managed to do something so that all my outgoing messages are marked confidential.  I can't find a place to turn it off.  I understand how to mark individual mnessages confidential.  What should I do?
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WistfulWhimsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not sure if it's the same in the 2003 version, but I'm running XP(2002 version) and you have to go to

Tools > Options > E-Mail Options Button > Advanced E-mail Options Button > and Set Sensitivity > Change it back to normal, then just OK your way out.
starpilot1Author Commented:
Thanks very much - I'll try it tomorrow and let you know...
starpilot1Author Commented:
That was it - Thanks very much!!
I must've looked at that page 10 times and didn't see it...
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