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Answer business phone and record calls with computer

Looking for software that will allow me to answer my business phone with my computer, and record for quality control purposes. Please don't get into the legal stuff, already checked on that. In fact I would prefer the computer answer all calls and route them to the appropriate mail boxes. How about this;
For Service press 1, Sales press 2, and so on. Also would be nice if a pleasant voice came with those greetings, and I did not have to record anything at all. But if necessary I will record my own greetings.
Trying to eliminate the need to pay someone just to answer the phone so I can stay busy.
My computer has a dual core CPU and bunches of RAM so I'm not concerned about specs.
DO NOT want to buy any external box or gizmo to do this, hoping to do it with a regular dial-up modem if possible.
Thanks again!!
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1 Solution

28.00   Bucks..   Can't beat it......   comes with a 15 day trial.....
10 mailboxes

If you need more just let me know, I've got plenty....
I recommend SuperVoice pro (I've been it using it since Windows 98 came out)

It has canned voices in male or female with text to speech function, and of course you can record your own messages.  One thing else I've always liked about this company, is that their upgrades are very inexpensive,  So I've been able to keep up to date over the years with very little expense.

Mr442Author Commented:
OK will give them a try. I'm using regular dial-up phone service, not VOIP if that makes a difference.
 I have DSL here at the office, and will plug my dial-up modem into the phone side of the DSL filter, then come out of the phone side of the modem, to the telephone.
Am I right so far? SuperVoice had a problem detecting my modem and see alot of references to VOIP in SuperVoice. Will get back on this tommorrow.
I have never had the opportunity to try it with anything other than dialup (because that's all that's available to me here in the woods).  So I know you shouldn't have a problem with straight dialup.  I can't help you with the configuration from DSL, but their customer service has been very helpful to me in the past, so don't be afraid to call them.

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