Can't get NETGEAR VPN to access the Internet

I have 2 networks.  A home one with a laptop wireless and a PC hard wired and then an office with 1 wireles laptop and 4 wired PC's.  Both networks use a TRENDNET WIRELESS ROUTER TEW 435BRM

I have a PC in the office that have installed extra hard drives and with use of a few cameras and a PCI DRV card turned it into a CCTV PC.  I want to view the cameras remotely over the internet and found out that to do this I need to use a VPN as the software is not compatible and the Software that came with my DVR cards require ideally a VPN setup.

So I bought a NETGEAR ProSafe VPN Firewall FVS318 some time ago and decided that I can put it to use.

So I have my phone line cable plugged into my Trendnet router, then a Cat5 cable going from one of the Trendnet ethernet ports into the INTERNET port on the vpn, then I have a cat5 cable going from the local1 ethernet port in the VPN into the back of my computer.

Then I have typed into the browser and entered my ISP's username and password.

When I click TEST, the internet connect does not work CAN SOMEONE HELP PLEASE.

Just one last thing, I dont have the "blue ethernet cable that came with the VPN" so is this a problem.  BOTH ethernet cables I am using are STRAIGHT is that correct?

Thank you very much in advance to your feedback

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Rob WilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Quite a bit more to it than that.
As for the cables, do the lights light up on the Netgear and Trendnet? If so you have the correct cables.
The Netgear must have a public IP assigned to it. It is likely necessary to put the Trendnet in bridge mode to accomplish this. You then connect to that public IP. The VPN has to be configured on the Netgear router, and you will have to by the Netgear ProSafe VPN client so that you can connect. Once all of that is in place have a look at the following sample configuration for the router and VPN client:
auraorangeAuthor Commented:
Ive got 2 client licenses and printed off the 200 odd page user manual, its just the first basic bit that when I enter all my account settings and click TEST it doesnt connect to internet

Ill try to create a bridge now though and see what happens
Rob WilliamsCommented:
To put the TrendNet unit in bridge mode; before connecting the Netgear logon to the TrendNet and click on the "Mode" option on the left, and in the resulting page, next to device mode, change it from "Router (Modem + Router)" to "Modem (Modem only)".
This effectively makes the TrendNet a basic Modem. You will loose the wireless capability when doing this.
Then connect the Netgear's WAN port to the TrendNet and make sure the appropriate lights are illuminated. If they do not light, you need a cross-over cable, but that is not likely. Then logon onto the Netgear and configure it's WAN interface with your ISP's connection information.
This should establish basic Internet access, but there is quite a bit more to configure the VPN.
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auraorangeAuthor Commented:

I have spent some time on the telephone to PIPEX and then NETGEAR TECH support.

With the help of Netgear guys I have left my router to .... configuration then I have set the VPN to configuration. Entered all of my details.

When I go to "diagnostics" and type in a website address then click "LOOKUP" the IP address of that website is returned, however, I cant access pages via my browser.  The Netgear Tech guy could not help me any longer as he seemed to think i had a software issue.  I have uninstalled all software that i feel could conflict, disabled all firewalls and just have basic AVG antivirus on pc for now.

Thanks for your feedback so far

Rob WilliamsCommented:
Have you put the TrendNet in bridge mode?
If not you can configure to access the Internet but will not get the VPN to work.

With the current configuration have you added the appropriate DNS entries for your DHCP clients. You can verify if it is a DNS issue by trying to access a web page from a workstation using the IP address such as Google: 

If you have not put the TrendNet in bridge mode there is also a routing issue where both it and the NetGear use the same subnet 192.168.0.x making the LAN and the WAN interfaces of the Netgear on the same subnet and therefore not allowing it to work as a router.
auraorangeAuthor Commented:
Thanks again ROBWILL.

I have changed the router and the vpn to different IP ranges ... .0.1 and .1.1  but i can not find MODE or anything else in my trendnet router settings that resemble bridging my connection


Rob WilliamsCommented:
I was going by the on-line emulator:
Perhaps your unit is different. It's not called Bridge mode on your unit, but rather "Modem (Modem only)".
auraorangeAuthor Commented:
Hi Rob thanks for your patience, I have had to put this job on the back burner as you were right it is quite complex and even with the help of Netgear and correct settings there is something stopping this from working.  Althought id class myself as fairly advanced user im going to have to get someone in to sort this out for me who specialises in networking,

once again Thank you
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Very welcome auraorange. Sorry we couldn't complete it.
As we discussed VPN's can involve a fair amount of configuration, and the Netgear is one of the more complex GUI based ones. Once you have done one, and can compare, it gets fairly straight forward. Good luck with it, and thank you.
Cheers !
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