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Exchange resource scheduling management.

We have migrated from Groupwise to Exchange due to a particular application that only works with Outlook.

I have set up several meeting room and motor vehicle resources in exchange and want several key people to be able to modify the schedules if necessary.  From what I have read, it look as if I need to create a seperate Outlook profile for the resource then log into exchange as the resource to be able to modify the calendar share permissions for the users that need to modify it.

Having to log in as a resource by using a seperate Outlook profile is a pain.  (Groupwise would allow the admin to simply switch the current login to any account as needed to make these sort of changes - no wonder Groupwise is known for it low administrative overhead).  The Exchange way of doing this would not scale well, what if I had 50 resources that needed modifying, would I need 50 outlook profiles?  Is there a better way to manage permissions to resource calendars than this?  Is there a way to grant admin full rights to all exchange mailboxes by default so I won't have to create a profile each time?
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If groupwise allows an administrator to access any mailbox to make changes then it may have low overheads but it has no security. The reason you have to login to the mailbox to make the change is because calendar permissions are client side permissions, not server side.

A combination of admodify.net and setperm though should allow you to make the change in one hit, rather than having to open each mailbox, unless you need to set unique permissions on each resource.

However you may well want to simply set Full Mailbox Access on all of the resources for a special group (that may include yourself) so that you can access the resource mailbox as required through Outlook. The reason I suggest using a group is so that you can quickly grant access to the mailboxes to another user by adding them to the group rather than each mailbox in turn.

zanotechAuthor Commented:
Hi Simon

I like your idea of setting "Full Mailbox Access on all of the resources for a special group (that may include yourself) so that you can access the resource mailbox as required through Outlook."

What is the easiest way to implement your suggestion -  clicking on each resource in turn, selecting the "Exchange Advanced" tab, then the "mailbox rights" button?  Even after doing this, in order to have the specific resource administrator users be able to modify the resrouce calendar, I would still have to login as the resource to then share the calendar with the appropriate permissions?  It still sounds very long winded or have I missed something?

Exchange permissions may seem long winded but they are very powerful.
You would need to grant the permission "Full Mailbox Access" to the group. That either has to be done on each mailbox in turn or you need to use a tool such as admodify.net (download from the same URL to make the change in bulk).
Once you have granted the permissions to the mailbox then you can grant permissions to the folders as required.
It is all explained in the link I provided above.

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