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I am trying to have my website's favicon be on my RSS feed so that it shows up in my RSS readers with my favicon instead of a standard image.  Every source I have read tells me to just put my favicon.ico into my root folder.  I went nuts and put the favicon.ico into every root folder available to make sure I wasn't crazy, and indeed the icon does not show on my RSS feed.

The favicon works great on my site (with the <link>) however my RSS feed does not have the icon.  Am I missing something?

My feed is RSS 2.0 and it is available at:

I'll be able to quickly test any suggestions! Thanks,
Joe P
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I'm using Firefox 2.0. If I click the link, Firefox asks me to add this RSS feed, which creates a standard orange RSS icon in my bookmark folder. Inside this folder is the link to your feed. If I click the bookmark the favicon is fetched and displayed next to the bookmark. I see a black square with a vertical white bar in it, a white horizontal bar behind it.

What browser/reader are you using? Maybe that's the problem. I've been using favicon.ico in the past, and especially IE handles them badly.
BogoJokerAuthor Commented:
Well you are seeing the correct favicon.  Indeed it does set the favicon for the individual articles as well.  However the favicon should show in the URL bar if I go directly to the feed.xml page.  I had a friend try it today at work and it worked for him in Firefox 2.0 on Windows.  Mine however did not get it to display directly on my Firefox 2.0 on my mac.  However, there are other feeds that I can go directly to and they will have a favicon, here is an example I just searched and found, there will be a favicon right on the feed page:

I am actually more concerned with the fact that my favicon does not appear in my RSS reader.  I use NewNewsWire Lite ( a Mac RSS reader.  I subscribe to over 70 feeds and more than half have favicons!  All 3 of my sites do not, including my WordPress blogs.

I got a suggestion to restart my computer in case it is a stubborn caching issue, so I'm going to try that right now but I don't expect any different results.  As for IE, I would just be happy if it worked correctly in my RSS reader.

Thanks for looking into my problem,
BogoJokerAuthor Commented:
Sure when I came back to my computer today the favicon was properly loaded.  I don't know the full source of the temporary problem, whether I could have just completely exited the program or what now.  I needed some software updates that required a reboot anyways, so it all worked out.

Thanks for your help,
Joe P
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