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Datasource as IP address on server

I have created a data source on my computer that will work great when deployed on a computer. But it just dawned on me that if I want to deploy this program I will need numerous computers to access the same microsoft access database as the data source. The problem is I do not know where the program will be deployed yet. I know I can set it up so I use the network address like \\smith\c:\whatever, but I do not know what that will be.

I once saw a program that when deployed it asked for the IP address for the server as the program was being installed. How would this be set up. I could deploy the access database to the server and when I deploy the program (front end) it would access the server back end (access database)
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1 Solution
If you want to use the IP address of the "database server", all you need to do is change the path of the database in the app.config files.

The path should look similar to this:

\\\c$\whatever\database.mdb  '<--- Using the administrative shares


\\\shared folder\database.mdb <---- using shared folders.

You can set-up a Web Service Application to achieve this without sharing the folder.
wiswalldAuthor Commented:

Is it possible to simplify this by simply have a form where I can type in this information, but the form would only appear on the install?

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