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change the title tag of a web page dynamically?

Hi Experts,

How can I change the Title tag of a web page dynamically using server side code?

Also I was trying to do it using javaScript from within a frame i.e. parent.document.title = 'bla'. But I was inside a user control.

How can I call a javaScript function when my user control is finished loading?

thanks a lot
1 Solution
When a page loads you can change the title like page.title = "My new title"
kateLAuthor Commented:
Hmmm but not do I set the title when I am inside a user control that is a part of a web page that is in a frame?

It's really the web page that contains the frames who's title I want to change
You want the frame to control the frameset's <title> tag?  Be sure that your <head> is <head runat="server"> on the frameset page and then you should be able to do:

Page.Title = "Your Page Title";

If you want to control the <title> in the frameset page, you could use JavaScript.  Unless you need it hard-coded for SEO purposes.  The way you would do that is in your <head> section of your frame page you could put:

<script type="text/javascript">
parent.document.title = document.title;

For example, without using ASP.NET, you could do it simply using JavaScript:
<title>Change the Title here!</title>
<script type="text/javascript">
parent.document.title = document.title;


<TITLE>This is a frameset, the title will be replaced.</TITLE>
    <FRAME src="frame.html"  />

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