Exchange 2007 (32) on server 2008 (32)

I am trying to install exchange 2007 trial (32bit)  on server 2008 (beta3 32bit)  The prep install screen tells me that Powershell is not installed but as i am awaer powershell is part of server 2008 - so at this point i assume i will try to install powershell anyway,  half way through the install of powershell it stalls and tells me ive run out of space (memory i take it - not disk space) I have seen this before in the past and it has usually be a problem with ram an App leaking memory or somthing i have 3 gb on this server and its only using half during this install,  i thinkk it is more likley to be that powershell conflict because it is already there.

Anyone have any ideas ??  i know i should prob just put a 64b system together and test it on server 2008 (64) with exchange 2007 (64) but i would like to see functionality before i go down this route.
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mailtosinghsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Go to the server manager and select Features in left navigation pane. click "Add Features" and select "Windows PowerShell" and follow the wizard.
You have to install Powershell using add feature wizard
What are you trying to install on to Windows 2008? Exchange 2007 RTM or Exchange 2007 SP1 beta? If it is the RTM I don't think it will work. You will need to look at the service pack version. Although I haven't seen any instructions released from Microsoft yet on how to install E2007 on to Windows 2008. I would suggest that you switch to using Windows 2003 for the eval - there are no benefits to using Windows 2008 on the 32 bit version.

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