Adding an alias to Apache 2.2 running under WinXP


I have set up Apache 2.2 on my Win XP PC. It is running ok.

I am running some web authoring software that when testing pages uses this sort of format for the URL for the pages.


My web root folder doe's not contain the 'MY_FIRST_STATIC_SITE_WEB/UK/PAGE_welcome.htm'

This is located on c:\My sites\My first static site\MY_FIRST_STATIC_SITE_WEB/UK/PAGE_welcome.htm

Can anyone tell me how to create an alias for the 'MY_FIRST_STATIC_SITE_WEB' folder so that I can reference it directly in the form

http://localhost/MY_FIRST_STATIC_SITE_WEB/UK/PAGE_welcome.htm from my browser.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


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_Marcel_Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Add to httpd.conf:
   Alias /MY_FIRST_STATIC_SITE_WEB/ "c:\My sites\My first static site\MY_FIRST_STATIC_SITE_WEB"
Then restart Apache.
johnkanAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that Marcel.
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