IPhone connecting to an IMAP port of 587

IPhone and non-standard IMAP port.

The school with which I am trying to sync my IPhone uses port 587 instead of 143 for IMAP.  Is there a way to configure the IPhone to check this port?

Mail in my Mac has a configuration for this and connects easily.  However, I see no way to do this in the IPhone itself. And it does not pick up that setting from the mail cllient.

Anyone else at least know it is not possible for now ?
Sean MeyerAsked:
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Try adding the port number directly after the "Host Name" like this in Setting/Mail/IMAP Account:

incoming mail server host name = <hostname>:143

Not sure if this will work, but it's worth a try ... not sure if you'll loose it at the next sync, though.
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