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I'm working with an application(VS2005,IIS6,W2k3,CR8wASP).  I've ran into well documented issues regarding problems with Crystal Report 8 and errors generated when running with IIS6.0. (We have scheduled conversion of CR8 to XI).  A solution offered was to run IIS in IIS5 Isolation mode. Another solution was to create a COM+ component. Since we have other apps on the server which would benefit from IIS6.0 using COM+ w/ASP for the reporting component of this app is preferred. Here's where you'll have to pardon my ..uh..."lack of knowledge".

I've followed the instructions as to how to create the COM+ server app using CRAXDRT.dll . How do I access the methods in my ASP code (see below)?  For example,  I've created this app-StlrsRockCOMPlusApp as a server application (I've also  exported it to a  msi). Now what do I do? There seems to be an unlimited amount of info on COM+ but little or no specifics example/tutorials for the newbie like myself on how to implement it in ASP or otherwise.  Below is a portion of what I currently have.

set report = Server.CreateObject("CrystalRuntime.Application").OpenReport(reportPath & Request.QueryString("filename"), 1)

In sum,  my questions are how do I implement this new COM+ app? If I create on a developer machine would I need the msi file to intall on a server machine? How do I access methods in ASP code? Is there any additonal registrations involved? I basically need some hand-holding on this...

Thanx in advance.....
1 Solution
Noticed this is an older question, but if you haven't gotten it already .. this is how you'd create a COM+App
1) If you've sucessfullly created a COM app (or have a COM app), you first need to register the DLL as a COM app.  
1.1) Do this by navigating to ControlPanel-->AdminTools-->ComponentServices.  Then expand Component Services-->Computers-->MyComputer-->Com+Applications
1.2) Right-Click ComponentServices-->New-->Application-->InstallPrebuilt Application-->Find your MSI file
2) The to reference it in an ASP page you'd do it just like you always would: set report = Server.CreateObject("Whatever it's named in 1.2").  Then yuo'll be able to access all it's methods as you normally would (although you may not get intellesense in all cases).

Hope that helps

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