CA and eTrust Security Suites uninstall?

CA and eTrust Security Suite has become throughly non-functional but still runs in the background getting updates and trying to install again.   Antisyware has been uninstalled, from registry and program folders, by following CA's fully detailed instructions.   That solved many probems but has left the rest non functional.  Unabe to uninstall from the add/remove facility.   All I wan't to do is get rid of it to allow installation of a firewall.      
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rastuswalpoleConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Many thanks.    This a new approach for me.   I have spent much time trying CA resourses, but I guess that as I have used this program since the days it was free as eTrust and let it be upgraded over the years, it is only to be expected to become unmanagable in the end.   I will try the Microsoft approach tomorrow night.   It is well past my bedtime now.       rastuswalpole.
peakpeakConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Run Autoruns, click Login tab and disable startup on those services. Now try to uninstall.
Autoruns here, download ling at bottom of page:
rastuswalpoleAuthor Commented:
Hello peakpeak:
The Autoruns program did not do the trick, but it did show clearly what was running and where the files were.   The solution was to manually delete all folders associated wth CA.   Two folders were left as they contained files said to be in use.   I deleted all the files not in use and finally the in use files had nothing to keep them going and they also were deleted.   Then I was able to delete the CA Security Suite from the add/remove programs.   What a relief!   There were some short cuts etc left which were also deleted.   The demented window messages trying to install things and reconfigure CA have gone quiet.   I am in the driving seat again.   I still have operating system problems, but will take time to look at that.        Many thanks for your suggestion.   rastuswalpole.
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