Is there any way to link pictures for a user id


In the ADS user properties is there any way we can attach a photo (Picture) of the user.

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bsharathAuthor Commented:
Any other way.This is too risky
yes it is.
any other solution required seconed DB that will contain the images
and system that will connect between IMAGE and USER.
and i'm not sure you will be able to view the images from AD console.

if you realy need this you should run alot of labs before implement
(and should consider the DB grow with all the images)
bsharathAuthor Commented:
If you can give me more details and some links i could check this ....
i'm talking about develop a system,let's say a web page that will get a user name
and pull from DB (like SQL) the proper image.
for this you need to know some web develop stuff like SQL,ASP,HTML etc....
it's more safe option i think.
here example:

but you realy should google for more....

good luck!
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