Adding a disk to existing array on Raid 5

I need to expand an array running on Raid 5 (6*72GB) by adding another disk  (1* 72GB) on a ML570 running W2003. Is there any way that I can accomplish this task without having to breaking the Raid?

The machine is running on Smart Array Controller 6400 with OS running on Raid 1+ 0 (2*72GB) and the data resides on the Raid 5 array. I would like to create a new logical partition in the expanded space.
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Add the disk physically.
In the Array Configuration Utility add the disk to the array. Then select the logical disk and there should be an option to expand on the right hand side. Press the blue ? in the top right hand corner for help, there is a section on this.
Afterwards you might need to run diskpart.exe (assuming you have Windows) to expand the volume under Windows or latest version of ACU sometimes does this for you. ACU expansion is slow to preserve data access and parity, 4GB per hour so expect it to take 3 days. As usual you should backup first but it's never gone wrong on me yet.
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