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in VC 6.0, we had the class wizard, which was a snap to use for associating dialog resources to a class.  The class template was created for you, and you could associate the dialog's various controls with variables very quickly.

In (2005), is there some equivalent, or do I need to create (type) out each dialog class completely from scratch, and then create the control variables from scratch, etc.??

I've heard about using C# to create the dialogs and controls, and then porting to C++, but I don't want to do this.

Thanks, ahead of time.
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mahesh1402Connect With a Mentor Commented:
There is No class wizard as such in VC2005 as you have seen in VC6...Functionality is scattered...

Have a look at detailed explanation :

For control events: Right click on the control in the dialog editor, pick Add Event Handler.

For all possible events: Select the class in class view.  Right click and pick Properties.  Now review all the buttons at the top of the Properties window.  It lists messages, controls, virtual functions, etc. Click the one you want to add.

e.g you want to add handler for WM_CTLCOLOR OnCtlColor
Properties->Messages->WM_CTLCOLOR select at right OnCtlColor

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