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What type of PSU does my pc need

I have a PC that I think I need to replace the PSU (Power Supply Unit).

My pc details are here

What type of PSU would I need?
1 Solution
This is a very handy tool (and inexpensive) to figure your power supply requirements for you:

This article tells you how to determine your psu requirements:

Bottom line - add up the requirements of all of your system components.  Then get a PSU that EXCEEDS those requirements.  I.E. if your system requires a total of 250 watts, get a 300 or 350 watt psu (or even more).  

I like Antec psu's.  They are quality products.  Not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for.

When considering your power supply, between two with the same rating, choose the heavier psu.  From my experience the psu's that weigh more are better built and last longer.  I know, not a very high-tech way to choose, but it works.

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