Remote Deploy Desktop Shortcut

Is there a way to remotely deploy a shortcut (for an internet explorer page) to a user's desktop?

We are running a WindowsServer2000 as our domain controller with XPsp2 machines logging into the domain. There is currenty a small script deployed at login for mapping drives and printers and such.

I just dont want to have to go to 35 pc's and do this manaually if there is another way.
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ajbrittonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you want to deploy the shortcut to all users on a particular PC, you could use the following command in a startup script;

copy /Y "\\server\share\folder\filename.url" "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Desktop"

If you want to deploy to individual desktops, you could use the following in a logon script;

copy /Y "\\server\share\folder\filename.url" "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop"

By using the %ALLUSERSPROFILE% or %USERPROFILE% environment variables, you protect against the possibility that profiles are not on the default path of "C:\Documents and Settings\username"
Hello josephfreer,

This should work for you. Just change it to your settings.

copy "\\yourserver\shortcuts$\yourlink.html.url" "c:\documents and settings\%username%\desktop" /y


josephfreerAuthor Commented:
You mean just add this to our existing script, changing the links to:

copy "\\foxdc01\shortcut$\foxnet.html.url" "c:\documents and settings\%username%\desktop" /y
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Exactly. You have to point it to where the shortcut is too.

shortcut$ > should be set to your share.
josephfreerAuthor Commented:
share as in the full path of the page (IIS folder burried somewhere) or just the name of that folder it is in?
you will need to make a file share on your server to copy the shortcuts from.
josephfreerAuthor Commented:
ok thanks!
When I do this, I don't actually create a share, but put the shortcutes in with the GPO. In this case you do not need to specify the \\server\share\folder in the first parameter.
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