Map IP of Intranet to a name

I want to map our intranet homepage to a domain name - right now the users type in to get to the page, i'd rather something easier to remember for them - say (im not worried about their being an outside site by that same name)

We are using IIS on a WindowsServer2000 machine.
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In your DNS console, expand your server then Forward Lookup Zone. Right click on your server and choose New Host.....

Give the name and the IP address.
You need to add a host record on your DNS server with the IP address pointing to the name you want to call.
If you are running Active Directory with auto-DNS registering then you already have a record in DNS for your server ... SO, all you need to do is add an alias record for the real name of your server.

If not, then you need to add a new record to your DNS, as mentioned above, cross referencing your IP to a name.
josephfreerAuthor Commented:
ok, how do you add a host record then?
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