Exporting Entire Set of Results in Google Analytics

The new version of Google Analytics does not allow you to export your entire set of results into a spreadsheet. It caps the limit of results that can be exported to 500 (which is the maximum number of rows that one can see in the interface). The old version allowed you to export the entire set of results.

Does anybody know how to get around this and export the entire set of results from GA?
A couple of people have posted a way to get around this:
But I don't think what they suggested works anymore (it doesn't work for me atleast)
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scrathcyboyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"Does anybody know how to get around this and export the entire set of results from GA?"

No, google has deliberately limited you to this limit, you cannot get around it, that is their design -- and the old pages giving ways to get around it are outdated.  Google is out for revenue, remember, just like MS.

You can try scrolling through the pages, and export from a different starting location, if that doesn't work, then it will not work at all, and that is my understanding of the new google limitations.
Serena HsiMarketing ConsultantCommented:
Well, if you are exporting it to CSV format, there's Excel vba code out there to splice it all back together into one workbook (one sheet per csv file) or into one sheet (provided that you have Excel 2007 for 1 M rows, or Excel 2003 for 65,536 rows).
IgiwwaAuthor Commented:
so what about the hack that is posted on the link I mentioned? was that just a temporary thing?
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