Deleting Exch. 5.5 admin account


What should I check before deleting the exchange 5.5 admin account from our almost redundant NT domain?

We have shut down the 5.5 server and are running the exch. 2003 cluster with a different exch. admin account for the past few months without any issues. I have to cleanup some old NT accounts before we shut down the NT domain and on of these accounts is the 5.5 exch. admin account.

There doesn't seem to be any services, connectors, etc using the old NT 5.5 account.

I have to this tomorrow so any quick help would be grateful.

I just want to be sure I'm not going to screw anything up.

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rakeshmiglaniConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ok, so that means that the 5.5 server has been removed.
now, when you right click on the administrative group in exchange system manager, do you see the option of "service account" ?
do you have site replication service in exchange system manager under tools?
have you actually remove the 5.5 server from the exchange 2003 ORG?
check the administrative group properties. there is an option for a service account there.
davystocksAuthor Commented:
Yes and the server is shut down. We now only have our exch. 2003 cluster running.
ocon827679Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Before deleting the account, either disable it or change the password for it.  Leave this for a couple of days. If you have not experienced any troubles, then you're probably good to go to delete it.
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