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Visio 2007 Pro installation problem - conflict with terminal services

ms visio 2007 pro
windows server 2003 with terminal services installed

before making the visio purchase, i read the system requirements to verify win server 2003 was supported.  i also verified that visio 2007 is compatible with the other office 2003 products i have installed.

nowhere in my reading/research did i find something that said visio 2007 can not be installed on a server running terminal services.  so, now i am stuck with this expensive software that i can't use or return.what are my options?  i was thinking about using virtualization, but i've never done that and i don't want to hog up a bunch of system resources just to run visio...
zephyr_hex (Megan)
zephyr_hex (Megan)
1 Solution
You didn't say what the problem was, but it's likely this: installing Office 2007 on a terminal server requires a volume licensing version of the Office component(s) you want to install; retail/OEM versions won't work.
If you don't have a volume licensing version, your only option is to do what the EULA allows you: to install it on a single machine ...
zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperAuthor Commented:
my problem is that it won't install on a server running terminal services.  and my question is concerning my options...  i know i could go out and buy a volume license (waste of money, and thus, a last resort).  however, i know there are other possibilities like running a VM.  are those my only two options?
To start with, the EULA doesn't allow for concurrent use of your Visio version. Full stop. You are allowed to install and use it on a single machine with a single user.
Then even if you install it in a VM, there's no difference to installing it on a desktop: you still only have one XP to install it on, and no sessions to share.
Note that Terminal Services are NOT a way to save on licensing costs. You usually will need the same amount of licenses on a TS as if you would install them on fat clients for the users needing the application. "But I thought ..." will help you nothing if you're audited.
Nothing ever in the clear!

This technical paper will help you implement VMware’s VM encryption as well as implement Veeam encryption which together will achieve the nothing ever in the clear goal. If a bad guy steals VMs, backups or traffic they get nothing.

Also make sure the terminal server is in "Install Mode" before installing software.  This can be accomplished by initiating the install routine via "Add/Remove Programs" or by manually placing the server in "Install Mode" with the cmd prompt utlility "change user /install".  After the install is complete you place the server back in "execute mode" via "change user /execute".
zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperAuthor Commented:
KCTS: is this meant to prevent some kind of conflict when a program installs on the server?

visio installs fine...  but when i launch it, it tells me it can't run on a terminal server.  i think (not sure) the check is happening when the program launches, and not when it installs (i would have expected to see the message during installation if it were checking then).

i removed the key from registry, and the program works fine...  but it is going to expire....
I have also run into the same scenario.  MS never mentions the confict between MS Visio 2007 (Standard) and using it on a 2003 server in terminal services mode.  We have purchased box (clear case) retail products, one per user and installed 1 copy on the server.  When I finished the install, using the correct method (install mode). and then opened Visio it comes up as should and then bubble messages..."This copy of Microsoft Office Visio cannot be used on Terminal Server.,,,:  Then shuts the program down.  Any thoughts, we need it to be accessable remotely for 2 users.
zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperAuthor Commented:
so far, i don't have a solution.  that is exactly what is happening to me (except i purchased Visio Pro and not Standard)
You won't find a solution; and even if would, it would be against the EULA, iow illegal, so couldn't be posted here.
And, yes, Microsoft mentions this; a quote from the FAQ, for example:

Q: I would like to install my Microsoft Office software on a server device and allow multiple devices or users to access it. Is that allowed?
A: No, retail licenses are not intended to be used for network or server-based scenarios, as all devices accessing software installed on a server need to be licensed separately. Microsoft does not offer a way in the retail channel to license devices without the software installed on such devices. If you wish to run a server-based deployment of Microsoft Office, you should license the software through the Volume Licensing channel.

Frequently asked questions about Microsoft Office Retail Licensing

Or directly from the EULA/MSLT:

a. Remote Access. The single primary user of the licensed device may access and use the software installed on the licensed device remotely from any other device. You may allow other users to access the software to provide you with support services. You do not need additional licenses for this access. No other person may use the software under the same license at the same time for any other purpose.

Microsoft Software License Terms (MSLT) for 2007 Microsoft Office desktop application software
Retail License Terms, OEM License Terms, and Media-less License Kit Terms

Sorry, but that's just the way it is.
Asking Questions > The correct answer to some questions is "you can't do that"
zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperAuthor Commented:
ok... you just proved my point with regards to there be nothing in the documentation that says it is not compatible with a server that has Terminal Services installed

in my case, i wasn't going to give access to the program to any user but myself.  however, that server happens to house our reporting... and it is silly for me to make data flow charts with Visio when i can't view the report i am diagramming.

i can understand that the license is meant for one user... and the documentation you posted even says that remote access is allowed for a single primary user.

so i'm not sure if this is a bug in the software or installation ... or whether MS has changed the office suite so that it is no longer compatible with Terminal Services.

Office 2003 does not have this issue.  MS should be straightfoward in the system requirements and state that it won't run with Terminal Services if they have changed the program in this way.

back to my question... what are my options for running this software on a server running Terminal Services (i'm not asking how to make it run for multiple users... there will be only 1 user) ... is virtualization my only option?  i could install VMWare with XP and load the software on the VM so that i can access Visio on that server...  is that the only option?
This is not a bug, it's a "feature"; as I said: to run Office 2007 on a terminal server, you need the Volume Licensing versions of the Office components.
The "remote access" is probably mentioned for RDP connections to an XP machine; it should work on a server in Remote Administration mode as well (but haven't tested it).
So the easiest solution would be to buy your Office licenses through VLP.
Installing a VM solution on a terminal server isn't really the best solution; TS as well as VM are resource hungry.
Another option might be to install Visio on an XP machine, then access the XP machine remotely through an RDP session on the terminal server.
zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperAuthor Commented:

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