Two WINS server at the same time on the same subnet


I'm migrating a WINS server tonight and want to do some tests.
Is it a problem to have two WINS servers (both on Windows Server 2003 machines) enabled at the same time on the same domain on the same subnet ?

I guess that it shouldn't be a problem since as far as I know WINS is not broadcast and the workstations receive the WINS server address server by DHCP or static configuration, so the two WINS servers shouldn't conflict with each others but I prefer to ask to make sure.

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You can have 2 on the same network, no problem. They contain the same information right?
Should have been "shouldn't" be an issue.
There is no issue running multiple WINS servers on the same subnet.   You are correct that a machine will only query the WINS if the address is provided via dhcp or statically assigned.    

If its not obvious, the only issue is what each database contains, one server may resolve a name and the 2nd won't....  but I guess that's the idea behind your testing.    

VorenusAuthor Commented:
Thank you everyone for the confirmation.
I've splitted the points as I thought fair : each post came with its own bit of elaborate information.
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