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mrtg for windows - multiple .cfg files

I have an installation of MRTG on a Windows machine, not using RRDtool and cgi.  I've attempted to create multiple .cfg files, however mrtg only recognizes the configs inside the main mrtg.cfg file.

Rather than create one large mrtg.cfg file, is there a way to tell mrtg for windows to look at all .cfg files inside the bin directory of my mrtg installation?  I'd rather have seperate configs instead of one large mrtg.cfg file.

Is this possible?
JWeb Admin
JWeb Admin
1 Solution
To my knowledge, there isn't a way to load and run multiple config files in the manner you want. However, if you don't have memory constraints, you can run multiple instances of MRTG that each call different config files. For example:

perl d:\mrtg-2.9.29\bin\mrtg d:\mrtg-2.9.29\cfgs\routers.cfg
perl d:\mrtg-2.9.29\bin\mrtg d:\mrtg-2.9.29\cfgs\switches.cfg

... will run two instances of MRTG monitoring routers and switches from different configs.
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