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I have a page on one of our websites that got picked up by google's search engine. I did not intend for the page to be there (has lots of email addresses on it) and I removed it. However, it is still in google cache. Is there a way to remove it from google cache? Or someone (or someone's email address) to contact at google to resolve the issue?

Thanks in advance.


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If you block access to the page with a robots.txt file, it will eventually be removed.  Once you have done that you can also expedite things using the URL removal request tool in Google Webmaster Tools -
This technique allows Google to index your page but without caching it:

this is just a more direct link to the google solutions- as stated above though, update your robots.txt file also.
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It depends if you want to be not indexed at all by Google or just not have Google cache a version of your page.  Question says remove from Google cache, but it could have meant both index and cache.
"I did not intend for the page to be there and I removed it. However, it is still in google cache."

I took that as meaning he didn't want it in either.
Hi, a best way to remove your website completely from google is to tell google that is a fraudulent site.

You should enter the webmasters area and go to:

this will make google look the site and review it and erase the website completely from google directory and cache.

try this, I know this will help you, it help me with a website sometime ago.
Sorry for my advice, I misunderstood the question.

But if you want to really erase just one page is kind of really dificul, the only way is to restrict that webpage with .htaccess and with the robots.txt file and in this files restrict the access to robots coming from g

With .htaccess you can use this line to restrict the access to a folder
IndexIgnore .htaccess

with this code you can restrict access to robots.

I write here some lines to explain:


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I hope this can help to solve your problem.

Another thing is that you have to know that google do not unlist your webpage from one day to another day the take a couple of weeks to do this.

Maybe if you do this and follow the other comments can help as well to do waht you need.

Best Regards,
It kind of depend on what the Asker meant as LeeKowalkowski points out in http:#19615511.  However, the possibilities are covered by my first comment (http:#19602632) and his (http:#19607261), so a split is probably in order.
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