Inconsistent definitions for partition type...error on SUN OS 5.9

Hello Experts,

   I have a solaris server and I added another disk drive to it. I was following these intructions on this link below.
which is very well explained, and guides you on the format, newfs and mount.

But I think I typed in something wrong because now when I try to do a format to see the available disks. I get this error...
irvjamaica # format
Inconsistent definitions for partition type 'disk3'
/etc/format.dat (262) - /etc/format.dat (269)

What do I need to do to resolve it?
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yuzhConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have a look at your /etc/format.dat file, you have two different
partitiontion type "disk3" in the file, use vi to edit the file and remove the incorrect one.

To add an HD, you have a look at http:Q_20556230.html (it is for IDE, for SCSI HD, run probe-scsi instead of probe-ide).

also: http:Q_22551160.html
frankbustosAuthor Commented:
that worked...thanks!
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