help with Jrun 4, Axis & jdk1.5

Now that JRun 4 with Updater 6 supports JDK 1.5 how does one go about using
Stub/Skeleton classes generated from the wsdl2java provided with JRun?

It appears that JRun is still using Axis 1.1 (contained within the
webservices.jar file). Classes generated using that utility will contain
things like "org.apache.axis.enum.Style.RPC" but "enum" is a reserved word in
JDK 1.5. That issue was fixed in Axis 1.2.1 but again it appears that JRun is
using Axis 1.1.

Are there any workarounds for this issue (besides modifying the jrun.jar and

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

- PD
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tbeernotConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You could always try to insert a newer version of the Axis jar in the classpath BEFORE the webservice.jar. This would cause the newer Axis to be used. Then you can also use the newer wsdl2java to generate 1.5 compatible stubs.
Another approach would be to instruct javac to assume 1.4 compatible sources, but that would take away any Java 1.5+ features.
pgdarAuthor Commented:
Thanks - we regenerated the stubs using 1.5 wsdltojava and it seems to be working.
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