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Add an Outlook calendar event from a link on a web page.

is it possible to have a simple link on a web page that when clicked will add a calendar event to the users Outlook calendar?
Tom Ray
Tom Ray
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Scott BennettManager TechnologyCommented:
no, it is not possible to do with a simple text link. if it is possible at all you would have to write an activex component or something.
it is possible if the web application have access to the exchange server, the MS Office library should be able to insert messages. but that is not really a 'Simple' link, a lot more happens in the backend.

alternatively you can let the client download an ics file (iCalendar file) as a workaround and let the user add the event with the ics file. the downside is Outlook still not fully support the ics format
Tom RayAuthor Commented:
we do a weekly e-newsletter for a large company and they just want to be able to drop in calendar events for their readers. we've been trying for two years to have the e-newsletter housed internally at their headquarters and it still hasn't happened, so i really doubt i'd be able to get any kind of access to their exchange server. nor do i want to try at this point.
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Scott BennettManager TechnologyCommented:
a meeting request is really just a specially formatted email It may be possible to write a script so that when the user clicks on a link or enters their email address in a form you send them and email with the event details. If you have the programming capability of setting the email headers and formatting the even request you can probably do this.
if the backend access to exchange is not practical maybe try the ics file. user have to save the event to their calendar after receive this file. this is the spec for the format: http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2445

and here is a simple example of it:

PRODID:-//Zero Inc.//ZeroSoft//EN
LOCATION:A New Street A New Suburb
DESCRIPTION:Topic:ABC\nOrganiser:Bob\nTest:abcd efgh.
SUMMARY:A Current Event
CATEGORIES:Company Event
How should this .ics file be generated?
this ics file is a plain text format, so you can edit it with any kind of text editor.

if you are going to generate it on the fly you have to use some kind of script to fill in the details(start, end, description, summary, location, etc.) and then write the content as a text file, and save with the .ics extension.

and then send the file to browser with a link or button click event.
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