Synchronize CE database to SQL at cradle

Hi Experts,
I have a client that uses palms to track inventory of shipments that come and leave their  warehouse; when they cradle the Palm it synchronizes with an MS Access Database.  The client has a corporate headquarters and (6) remote warehouses; they want to migrate to SQL rather than Access.  I am charged with developing an application that does just this.  What is my best approach, I have never developed for CE before so this is all new territory.
I would assume that the CE database would reside on the palm at publishing and when cradled would send everything to the local SQL database and purge the tables of the CE database on the Palm.  What is the best means of attacking this project?
How can I get the table structure and the data from the current access database (or from SQL 2005) into the CE database of the palm?  

Thanks for your assistance
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you can import from SQL Server 2005 and then just export to ce
NCSOAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your assistance
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