Blinking Terminal Services Session

Hello,  I've been having this problem for a few months where users who logon to Terminal Services are experiencing a huge amount of blinking when the terminal services desktop opens. The blinking will last from  5 to 10 minutes.  We tried going to 2 terminal servers where were using load balancing between the 2 servers hoping that would open up traffic and thus stop the blinking. The blinking has continued and users are still complaining. I was wondering if possibly it had to do with the network connection at the user's location? Any suggetions would be appreciated, this has been a problem for a little while.
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bluetabConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you have a monitor plugged directly into the TS machine and can log in that way do so and see if the screen flickers.  If it does change the refresh rate.  Otherwise I would try changing the refresh rate on the client PC.  

The other thing to check is the speed at which the users are connecting.  Open the RDC file that the users are using and expand the Options.  Then check the Experience tab.  You can check the connection speed to see if this improves the display.
It sound like there is some sort of animated icon or something that is causing the refresh rate of the display between TS and the workstation to be askew.

See if this gives you some help.
Also I found this interesting, that GPO refreshes can cause screen blinking issues with TS.
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dkwymerAuthor Commented:
As for the first suggestion to minimize the graphics with Terminial Server, should I do this on the terminal server or the the user's machine?
dkwymerAuthor Commented:
I actually found the soluton to ths.  We have several session printers that load.  The screen blinking is coming from these printers loading.  If theres a way to stop these printers from loading, that would solve the problem.  I spoke with our server admin about it, so he'll have to make changes to the group policy to change it.
We have a similar problem.
Session printers that load.
Do you meen mapped printers?

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