Force Vista from offline to online (offline files question)

I have a Windows Vista Business setup on a laptop with a Verizon broadband wireless card. It is connected to a Windows 2003 domain. Documents, application data, desktop are all redirected to locations on the server. They are also all available offline. I log users onto the computer in offline mode and then they initialize the Verizon wireless connection. Next the VPN is started. I can ping the server as well as any other computer on the network. This works by computer name or by ip address. My computer (and the sync center) does not recognize that the server is available. I can also not map any drives or add any network printers. Eventually for whatever reason Vista realizes that I am on the network and starts to sync. At this point I can run my script that maps my network drives and printers and everything is as it should be.

I want to know if there is a way to force the computer to try to go online after being in offline mode?
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tvaccAuthor Commented:
Also I can add that outlook 2003 can connect to the exchange server fine.
tvaccAuthor Commented:
Also, after I connect to the VPN I go to \\servername\share and it asks me for my password. I put in the same password as I used to logon and I get: "The user name you typed is the same as the user name you logged in with. That use name has already been tried. A domain controller cannot be found to verify that user name."

tvaccAuthor Commented:
This can be closed. The solution was to uninstall the dial up connection (Verizon BroadbandAccess) and reinstall using their program.
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