Shared Calendar not updating real time.

SBS 2003 R2 Edition
User1 has shared their calendar with User2.  When User1 adds an appointment to User2's calendar he will not see the new appointment unless he logs out and back in again.  Is there a way to force the update to appear on User2's screen in real time?  This is a small office but they live by their calendars so this is a very big problem for them to be behind.  I can send an invite and then it appears on their calendar but I need a way to update their calendar without requiring the user to log out and back in.
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Disable cached exchange mode in Outlook 2003
richlangAuthor Commented:
cached exchange mode did not make a difference.  I had the user log out and log back in but still can not make changes to one specific users calendar.  The user can change other users calendars.
The user can also change this users calendar from any other users computer.
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