Specific computer can not edit a shared calendar

SBS 2003 R2
I have a users calendar shared to the administrator in the office.  When the administrator logs into her own computer she can view but not write or add to the calendar.  However if she logs into a computer down the hall or any other computer for that matter she can can add, edit or change the calendar.  What is removing the edit rights on her computer, what should I check?
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User rights are based on USER and NOT computers. Make sure she logs onto the domain and not locally to the computer (on that offending computer), and logs on as herself (usng her own domain user ID).
richlangAuthor Commented:
The user is logging in to the domain with her user name on each system we tried it on.
Three machines in different offices work fine.  The primary machine in her office will not allow her to change the calandar of a user who shared his calendar with her, she can only view.  The other machines with the same login will allow her to make changes.  All machines are connected to the domain on the same SBS server.
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