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What would I get to check the network to see what websites people go to and what not?
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To do it properly you will want a piece of proxy software on a server (some routers/firewalls like the SonicWalls can do this on the firewall box).  You will set the web browsers on each PC to go through this proxy for all websites, that way the proxy can keep track of all sites visited by users.  It will also give you the ability to filter sites, such as blocking specific domains for specific users, or block certain types of sites etc etc.
In terms of what products to use I use WebMarshal (free trial from  I quite like it but to be honest it tends to slow down web browsing a bit if you don't put it on a decent dedicated box, such as a medium spec PC.  There are probably cheaper better products out there, but it's somewhere to start.
Best is a proxy.  Squid is a pretty powerful one.  However if you just want to see what they are visiting, allow everything; then it'll just show up in the log.  The other part is ensuring that everyone uses the proxy.  you can do WPAD method (set clients to auto-detect proxy and setup a dns entry pointing to your proxy server) or transparent proxy where your firewall does the proxy work or relays the port to the proxy so the client config doesn't matter
Yeah making sure the users using the proxy is important.  If you're in a Windows environment you can use Group Policy to do this very easily.  Then just set the firewall to only allow outbound port 80 traffic from the proxy box.
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