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How to configure SBS to access RWW with /remote?


I have a client who has an SBS server without an external facing website, so their domain name is currently pointing to the WAN address associated with the SBS server, and they access RWW by typing www.abc.com/remote.  Well, now they would like to have an externally hosted website, so I will need direct their  www.abc.com domain name to the externally hosted website, but how do I make it easy for them to remotely access the SBS server?  My first thought was to create a subdomain name, remote.abc.com, and have it point to the WAN associated with the SBS server, but when I tried to connect it didn't work.  If I enter remote.abc.com/remote, it works, but it is a bit tedious to type.  Is there any way to configure SBS so the client can simply type remote.abc.com to get to RWW?

Thanks for your help!

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DNS being the way it is, you need to have an A record to point a hostname to an IP... therefore, you will need to have a subdomain in the URL. And SBS being SBS, you need to have the /remote to get to RWW unless you make it the default (root) website.

An alternative would be to put a one-page site at the root of the webserver with a meta refresh tag pointing to the /remote site.... this way users would just type in remote.abc.com and be automatically redirected to  remote.abc.com/remote


Your domain name can resolve to several servers.  For instance several companies have their email and web services hosted by different companies or on different IP addresses.  The way you do this is set up multiple A records.  In your case you would setup the following:
www - points to external web server (access site by typing www.abc.com)
remote - points to your SBS server (access site by typing remote.abc.com/remote)

If you host your own mail on Exchange you probably already have an A record point to mail so you wouldn't need to set one up for remote.  Users would access the RWW by going to mail.abc.com/remote.

In order for users inside your network to access your website you will also need to setup an A recond for WWW in your DNS manager.  
mjgardneAuthor Commented:
So...  From what I have read, my remote.abc.com/remote solution is pretty much in alignment with best practices...  No one seems to be trying to tweak IIS so users would only have to enter remote.abc.com or mail..abc.com (no /remote).  Right?  I've scoured the Internet and it doesn't seem like anyone wants to go in that direction...
You are correct mjgardne.  IIS can't be tweaked to change this.  

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