Cisco 2621 router install

When trying to configure the BGP protocol on a Cisco 2621XM router, I am told that it is not installed. What do I need to do to get BGP installed and working?

C2600 Software (C2600-IPBASE-M), Version 12.3(6a), Release Software (fc4)
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Just had an issue with the 2621XM router
i guess that the IOS you are having doesnt support BGP
if i am correct then try to get the IP Plus version or the enterprise, advanced IP.
12.3(23) requires 32M flash and 64M ram
go for the enterprise as it usually contains lots of stuff
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
Well, it's not that BGP is not installed, it's just not configured.

There's quite a bit to get BGP running properly, but the basics are:

router bgp (as #)
 neighbor (ip address? remote-as (as #)
 network (local network you wish to advertise)

Logic2 is dead on correct. Keep in mind though that if you did not purchase that version with the switch, even though you can download it from Ciscos site, that if you use it without buying it you are violating Ciscos software policy. I learned this the hard way..
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