Unable to access the File SQLCTR80.DLL in WINNT 4.0 SP6, MS SQL 2000 workstation.

I have a WINNT 4.0 SP6 running MS SQL Server 2000 version 8.00.760.  We have an application that writes data to the SQL Server. 4 o5 times a day, we get the error below.  

The library file "C:\PROGRAM FILES\MICROSOFT\MSSQL\BINN\SQLCTR80.DLL" specified for the "MSSQLSERVER" service could not  be opened. Performance data for this service will not be available.  Status code is data DWORD 0.

The file SQLCTR80.DLL is there - I checked to make sure.  Do you guys an idea of what might be causing this files not to be accessible?  
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srafi78Connect With a Mentor Commented:
JoseDavilaAuthor Commented:

I will schedule some down time with Production.  Once I get the workstation, I will try this out and post the results.  Thanks for your quick response.  

I am no expert on the issue, but you might want to backup every thing before touching the Prod machine
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