Viewing multiple processors in Task Manager

We have a Windows 2000 Server. It has 2 Xeon processors. When I open Task Manager to observe the processor activity and I set the View to "One graph per processor" why does it show 4 graphs instead of 2 and why aren't they operating at the same level? I guess that's a "processo"r version of load balancing??? Thanks for any insight.
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dhoffman_98Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Xeon processors are dual core. Even though you have two CPUs, they each have two cores, and appear to the OS like two individual CPUs. So you have two physical CPUs, but the OS sees four. Not a problem.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Actually, that's not correct.

Suggesting Xeon processors are dual core when you don't even know the model xeon is just wrong.  Some Xeons are dual core... others are not.  More likely (especially if this is an older server - say 2-3 years old) the processors are HyperThreaded (Hyper Threading and Dual Core are NOT the same thing).  2000 (unlike 2003) is NOT hyper-threading aware and CAN actually perform SLOWER with Hyper Threading enabled when running 2000.  This is a setting that can be turned off the BIOS.  (Note, I said they CAN perform slower - not that they will - HyperThreading allows both integer and Floating point calculations to be executed simultaneously (as if there were two CPUs) and this is how you see two processors
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