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On SQL Server 2000, We received a page fault on the msdb database and all of our dts packages dissappeared.  We are not able to restore directly to msdb but can restore to a new database (msdb2).  Can I create a clean msdb and just move the data from msdb2 into msdb?
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What I have done in the past, with other databases, is to restore to a different db name (msdb2) and to take the original database offline. Then rename the original files (msdb.mdf & msdb.ldf) to something else, and rename the restored files (msdb2.mdf & msdb2.ldf) to the original file name (msdb.mdf & msdb.ldf). Then bring it back online and its happy.

Since you do not have the choice to take msdb offline, this could be tricky. You may be able to manipulate the files if the service is stopped, i am not sure.
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