Are JBL speakers good?

I plan on buying 2 JBL JRX125 Dual 15" 2-way speakers.  Anyone knows if they are good for like dj'ing at clubs and maybe for live bands.   Would two of those suffice  enough for a room fit like 100 to 200 peoples or a bit bigger than the clubs or bars?

I do have other speakers on hand but when I went to the club and bars I noticed some of them used speakers from JBL. And they do sound nice but the ones I saw was big ones or something.
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Jbl's are known worldwide for their quality and performance.
I've owned a couple pairs (floor standing and bookshelf) in my time and never had any problems or concerns. Not sure if they still are, but Jbl's were once the favorite speaker for music studio playback when recording due to their percision and quality of sound. I would think you'd have a hard time finding anything negative said about JBL's.
Some reviews can be found here.
JBL are great speakers.   Two JRX125 Dual 15" 2-ways would sound good in a room for 100-200 people but you may be pushing it for anything more.  You have to remember that different rooms, different clubs and bars, all have different types of walls and layout of tables, furniture, etc... so it's going to sound different everywhere (different acoustics).   These are a good set of speakers though.

here are over 70 JBL speakers, counting the numbers in parenthesis under the cost category. Most have "stars" Click that for opinions on that JBL speaker.
speed_mstAuthor Commented:
great I bought  2 of them and its on its way here
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